Importing Sequence Tips

Thank you for purchasing one of our sequence


We would like to offer you a couple of tips when importing one of our sequences.



Remember to import all the timing tracks during the Import Effect process, in particular the “Beat” or “Beat Count” timing track by ensuring the tick box as this has a big impact on the effects used. 
Note - If you have already imported the effects, you should be able to simply re-import just these Timing Tracks to your sequence.


Also due to the style of Arches used in our layout, you may find your Arches moving faster than what appears in our Preview Video in particular when certain VU effects are used on this Arch group. If you are happy with how your arches appear, you have no need to do anything.


You can simply change this for your Arches if required by going to the Layer settings / Render Style and changing it from “Single Line” to “Per Model Single Line” for certain VU effects applied in some on the sequences. This effect is only used a couple of time throughout some sequences, you can identify it as indicated by the screen shot and when it appears you Arches effects as faster than our Preview Videos.

After then Rendering the sequence you should notice your Arch effects look similar to our Preview Video.


We will look into changing our render styles or Arches style for future sequences to make this process easier for you.



You may notice some large portions of solid Red colour especially on some of the Matrix style props when a picture / shader / video file may have used as part of the effects. This could be due to the incorrect file path being located on your PC, this is usually rectified if you import the sequence as per Keith’s video instructions by creating a New Folder (Name it “Imported” or similar) within your own Show Folder and save the downloaded sequence into this New Folder.


Then change your xLights Show Directory location in the Set Up Tab and open the sequence on imported sequences layout, then save. This will tell your PC the correct file path for all these types of effects used, this is the preferred method. Then change the xLights Show Directory location back to your Show Folder and start the effect importing process.


However you can locate each one of the effects within this sequence and manually change the file path location to where the Picture / shader / video files are contained.


Or you can utilize the bulk update xLights function by turning off all timing marks. This is done by holding ctrl, selecting all the effects, say on the MegaTree, then selecting one of picture / video / shader effects used and right clicking in the Effect Settings file name used and utilize the “Bulk Edit Path” option and select the appropriate Folder where all the images etc are located for the sequence.

We hope this helps you with the import process to obtain use of all the effects utilized.



We have also utilize some on the submodels on the spinner so also please be aware of these as you may want to also import them to your own submodels for this prop. This also applies to the HD (High Density) props from GE, Boscoyo you will find the effects applied to the groups for easy importing the the numerous sub models for these props.


You will notice a video effect maybe be applied to Mega Tree for this sequence, if you wish to you wish to utilize the original xLights effects that was used to create this video effect simply delete the two top layers from the Mega Tree (delete the video effect and the “off” effect. Note this will require you to set up Mega Tree face images etc. The benefit of using the original xLights effects is you will find the images clearer however some images will not look correct on a 16 string Mega Tree and we suggest using the video effect for sequences which contain lots of images (in particular The Weeknd – Blinding Lights sequence).

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our sequences on your layout.



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